DID YOU KNOW. . . that ALL OUR SWEET WINES are on sale until Friday, December 8th? Yes, it's true -- the whites, reds and even our rosé, Claudia's Kiss, are on sale for 10% OFF their regular price. The following week, December 9th thru the 15th, BLACK BEAR, our "famous" Cabernet/Merlot blend will be on sale for $12.59. Starting on the 16th, the lovely dry RIESLING's price will be $13.49. And, finally, our last pre-Christmas special will be the outstanding PINOT NOIR for $15.29.

So, here's hoping you'll stop in for the sale but more importantly so that Jerry and I might wish you a very special Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

                                                                                                                   Jerry and Maryl

DID YOU KNOW. . . that "WINE, CHEESE and a SUNSET" will resume on Friday, September 27th at 6pm?

I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to have our Friday night respite so late in the season after deck repairs took up most of the Summer but folks seemed to enjoy a quite place to meet friends at the end of the week. So, Jerry and I would like to invite you this coming Friday night (weather permitting) for a little taste, a glass of wine, a bit of cheese,  some soft music and a magnificent sunset -- all for $10.00 per person. Come on over, we'd love to see you again.

ALSO, DID YOU KNOW. . . that my special "Just Plain White" is the selection I chose to close out one more just plain Summer? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want you to think that either is. . . just plain. I do sometimes think one Summer day is just like any other but I certainly don't want you to think Just Plain White is like any other dry white. So, come on over for "WINE, CHEESE and a SUNSET" and a free taste of "Just Plain White".

DID YOU KNOW. . . that BLACK BEAR, our best-selling dry red, is on sale right now for $11.69?

Also, did you hear the report on the news the other day about the research study regarding the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption and diabeties?

If you're interested, I'd suggest you go online to find out all the particulars since I was in the kitchen prepping dinner and listening to the TV with one ear. Here's what I believe I heard. . . a pretty exhaustive 7 year study conducted in Sweden (or Norway) that used thousands of men and women showed that those folks who drank a couple of drinks a few times a week were much less inclined to develop diabeties than
those who didn't drink at all. I believe I heard the reporter state that men's levels dropped by 29% and women's by 36%.

I'm sure you've heard data like this in the past but it doesn't hurt to remind us that small "treats" like a glass of wine at dinner could, not only benefit one's health but also put a smile on one's face!

JULY 2017
DID YOU KNOW. . . that I'm back, I'm out of the "cellar" (for a short while); and most importantly, the winery is in full swing for season 2017? Actually, there's really no excuse for missing the month of June except that I usually do the "wine thing" during the winter while we're closed down but this year I did something I'll never do again. . . I relaxed (on a cruise), I read, I cooked, etc., in other words, I'm paying for it now. So, just to let you know, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Black Bear, Simply Red, Riesling, White Riesling, Just Plain White and a small batch of a very old favorite has been resurrected. . . Nora's Favorite. And when all this was done, I skipped out of town for a week. Ahhh.

I would like to say a little something about the cruise I mentioned above -- it was fantastic! Jerry and I have been really fortunate in that we've been able to travel quite a bit and done some amazing things but this was special. It was a transatlantic from Miami to Barcelona, Spain. Since he arranges all our travels, I wasn't too excited to be going across the Atlantic in the dead of winter. What clothes does one wear -- parkas and mukluks? Also, this wasn't going to be a 5,000 person cruise ship either. There were only aboiut 1,000 passengers onboard. Well, just in case you're wondering, it was luxurious although dress was quite casual, the food was outstanding, the weather was lovely and Spring-like the whole time, and the size of the ship was the best part of all. If someone were to ask me if there were any negatives, I would have to say "yes", although unavoidable. We were supposed to dock for a while at the Azores, Portugal. But because of a fierce storm close to the port, the Captain diverted us to the island of Mediera, Portugal -- it's really lovely. Hopefully, we'll go back there again one day. But, that's not all, another day at sea brought us to Morocco where we purchased carpets. Possibly some of the finest carpets in the world are made here. If you're by the winery one day, stop in and have Jerry tell his story about "making the deal" on his purchase in Morocco. You'll die laughing. Then, onto Mallorca, Portugal where we purchased Mallorcan pearls for our four teenage granddaughters as Christmas presents. (If you're in the shop when they're here too, please don't tell them. It's a secret.) Finally, we sailed onto Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal and home to NEWARK, NEW JERSEY!!

Now, back to the "cellar". No more fooling around. I need to get to work. . .

If you checked out the "Wine List", you probably noticed that I haven't completely finished production. But, be not afraid, next on my list are Golden Oak, Hudson Valley Gold and if I can locate some Syrah and Cabernet Franc, I promise to do Dusty Barn and Mike's Mud. Anyway, here goes!


JUNE 2017
Sorry, guys. I was in the "cellar" the whole month of June.

MAY 2017
that it's that time of year again? That's right. It's time for our "Taste of Spring White Sale". This week we're offering Sweet Madeleine, my blend of Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, for $10.26 AND Sauvignon Blanc for $9.26. Sweet Madeleine is just sweet enough and our Sauvignon Blanc is absolutely perfect served with a light lunch or dinner.

On another note, thanks so much to all our local friends and customers who so graciously asked about our time away over winter. We always have a great time but this year was especially nice. We did something Jerry has always wanted to do -- a transatlantic crossing! Initially I wasn't so excited. I kept  projecting the weather issues like winter storms, the temperature, etc., but what a wonderful surprise I had. The ship took a south Atlantic course which offered mostly 60-65 degree days which left both of us tanned and well rested. This was especially important because we opened the winery the day after we came home -- not the best idea we ever had! Thankfully our customers were waiting for us and understood the mess that we left the winery in (another bad idea).

All in all, our winter was fine but we'd sure like to hear about yours. Stop in anytime for our FREE tasting, Wednesday through Sunday, and tell us your news.

DID YOU KNOW. . . that both our Rieslings are on sale for $11.69 just in time for the holidays? Yes, it's true. Our pretty dry -- RIESLING and our pretty sweet WHITE RIESLING. Stop in for some FREE tastes. We'd love to see you.

By the way, did you know that we have a gift shop at the winery? We do, and it's quite unique considering that, by law, we're only allowed to carry items specific to wine, grapes or something that's historic to New York or the Hudson River. (Interesting, considering the financial state of New York. I would allow folks to collect Sales Tax on the sale of your first born child -- only kidding! Really, I'm just kidding.) Anyway, stop in for a couple FREE tastes and browse the shop for awhile. Bob and Lynne Lee handmake all our wooden gifts -- some made from my old French oak barrel staves. Donna Stackhouse, a local artist known by a lot of folks around here, has many of her hand-painted wine glasses on display for sale. And, Andrew Lewis' photos of the Hudson River, the Esopus Lighthouse and much of the scenery and nature of the lower valley are framed and ready for gift-giving.

Come on in, have a sip or two and see what we have. . .

I'm not sure how many folks read my newsletter each month but even if it's only one, I'd like to apologize for not completing the interesting article about whether we should be concerned about drinking wine that has had a small amount of sulfites added. Well, if you knew that Jerry locked me down into the old wine cellar and kept passing day old salami sandwiches under the door until I processed some wine you'd think twice about that unfinished article. If you do take a minute to read my newsletter, you'd know that there's always a story here. And this one proved to be quite unsettling and a definite first for me. You see, after all these many years I've developed a technique for scheduling my cellar duties so that I will always have a diverse array of wines for tasting and sale. And since the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival was coming up on the 15th and 16th, I was sure I was covered. Now here's where it get interesting. . . never, never, never have we had so many visitors these last two weeks that every bottle of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, a Merlot blend and, my most popular red of all, Black Bear, were sold out completely! So, I guess you can figure the rest. It's Friday the 14th. I'm all packed to head over to Rhinebeck for the festival tomorrow morning. I have my lovely Cabernet Sauvignon, a "not ready for prime time" Chianti and an assortment of other dry and sweet wines in my truck for Jerry to deliver.

Oh, well, I'll just put a smile on my old wrinkled face and be thankful that he let me out of the cellar into a lovely Fall weekend ready to face the crowds and make as though I intended to only bring two dry reds this season.

Guess where I'll be on Monday morning? Ugh.

By the way, it's not at all harmful to drink a glass of wine a day even if a small amount of sulfites has been added -- it's been done for hundreds of years.



DID YOU KNOW. . .that our "WINE, CHEESE and a SUNSET" on the deck has become the new meeting place in town? Where else can you go on a Friday night for a "tasting", a glass of wine, some cheese hors d'oeuvres AND a sunset, all for $10.00 per person? Actually, I think the real reasons folks keep coming back are because there aren't any buses, events, loud music -- just adults sitting around enjoying friends.
ALSO, DID YOU KNOW. . . that we make 3 lovely semi-dry wines? And, they're on sale right now. Villa Niagara has been a favorite here long before I owned the winery. If you know and love wines make with the Niagara grape, nothing else can compare -- it's now $9.00. Golden Oak is relatively new. It's a special blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. What's interesting is that folks who like semi-dry wines generally don't like wines that have been in oak but they sure do love this one. While resting in the bottle, it seems to have taken on a hint of honey. Golden Oak is now on sale for $9.90. Lastly, we have an absolutely beautiful pink Catawba called Riverboat Rose. What can I say. . .a rosé for $9.45?

Stop in for a FREE taste. We'd love to see you!.

JUNE 2016

DID YOU KNOW (Cont'd). . .
Jerry and I have always wanted our customers to feel completely at home here. So, if you're riding north or south on Route 9W on your way somewhere, stop in, stay for a while, we'd love to meet you. And if you have a minute, take the "tour" on our website to see the deck dressed in umbrellas.

DID YOU KNOW. . . that both Niagara's are on sale right now for $8.99 each.
Villa Niagara is our semi-dry and it's quite lovely -- crisp, clean on the pallet and classically New York. When folks as me if I make Muscato, I ask them to taste New York's version of a sweet, grapey (very different from Muscato) wine. They're always blown away!

I'm always on the lookout for articles on wine from knowledgeable people. The following article, although lofty in its presentation, might be informative to some folks.

                What, Exactly, Is Vintage? by Katie Le Seac'h
      "If you live in Brooklyn, vintage is usually a pair of ripped Levi’s from the seventies. But when it comes to wine, a vintage is “one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year.”
      This may sound simple, but even experienced wine drinkers can feel overwhelmed when it comes to vintage. Many think it is an exercise in memorization, but it doesn’t have to be.
      I recently had the opportunity to attend The Vintage Effect, part of French Institute Alliance FrançaiseWine Tour de France led by Hortense Bernard, General Manager of Millesima USA. Ms. Bernard believes that understanding vintage is “A lot of work … or, that is, a pleasure!” Basically, it depends on how you approach it.
      I get to taste wines regularly as a sommelier, which helps me to retain some information about various vintages in different regions. Discovering a few older vintages of wines you love may be a lofty enough goal for the casual wine drinker. If you are a Bordeaux lover, this type of tasting is a good place to start.
      Held in the spacious sky room at FIAF’s Upper East Side headquarters, The Vintage Effect was a polished and thoughtful tasting. Place settings generously included bread from Pain d’Avignon, cheeses from Président and charcuterie from D’Artagnan.
     Tasting sheets and a pencil as well as notes on the wine program at Fiaf were provided. Participants introduced themselves to their neighbors and chatted, but overall it was quiet with occasional questions from the mainly American audience.

      The format of the tasting followed an idea noted in Eric Asimov’s recent review of Oregon Pinot Noir for The New York Times.
“Instead of zeroing in on a vintage that is supposed to be great, it’s far more interesting to identify producers with whom you are stylistically aligned, and then to see how these producers respond to the challenges of each vintage.”
You’ll probably notice that the condition of the fruit changes. Younger wines tend to have riper fruit flavors while you may notice earthy and spicy flavors first in older wines and the fruit may be well integrated, drier or baked. Chains of tannins may join and break apart during storage. Older Bordeaux tannins are often perceived to be softer.
Lastly, lets not ignore the price tag on older Bordeaux. Am I paying for the name of a prestigious Chateau rather then quality? Hortense thinks the price is proportional to quality. She says “Bordeaux prices go up and down, but California keeps increasing.” I don’t know whether this generalization can be proven, but it is encouraging for those intimidated by investing in an older old world bottle.

Katie Le Seac’h is a freelance writer and sommelier living in Brooklyn. She writes about wine, food and parenting.

APRIL 2016
that our tasting room will be closed on Saturday, April 23rd. It's Madeleine's (a.k.a. Sweet Madeleine, our best-selling sweet white wine) Confirmation Day. Not to worry though, we'll be here on Sunday at 11 am. See ya. . .

Our tasting room is now open for our 37th season? Although not all our wines are bottled yet, we still have a nice selection to taste. One of the wines we're tasting is the Seyval Blanc grape. I call it "Just Plain White, although it's anything but. Actually, it's delightfully spicy, which is quite unusual for a cool climate white. It's also on sale for $9.19. And, don't forget, our tastes are FREE! And, FREE is always good.

MARCH 2016
that the winery is now open for the season? Actually we opened last weekend to a busy and wonderfully lovely Saturday. It was great seeing our old regular customers and really great meeting all new folks who just decided to take a drive on a beautiful day.

I'm sure the weather was the reason we were so busy because it couldn't have been that folks were able to access my website -- IT WAS DOWN ONCE AGAIN! I don't know if any of you have ever tried to transfer a website from one domain holder to another but it's almost impossible. And, here's where we had the last laugh. This guy didn't know I was married to "Super" Jerry, who sat every day for hours determined to get the website up and running again. He did it!

So, now that we're back, we hope to see you soon. Don't forget, our tastes are FREE. And, FREE is good. . . 

that the winery will be closing for the season at the end of the month? This is true. We'll be closing for the 38th time on New Year's Eve. For me, it will be my 18th season as owner of the winery. Unbelieveable.

You know, this year is no different because it's always just around Thanksgiving time, that I remember what my wonderfully loving Irish grandmother would say about growing old -- it's quite amazing at how fast you get there. Sure, Nanny, I'd think to myself, it can't be soon enough for me. That was many years ago when I was quite a young woman and didn't forsee all the happiness, trials and tribulations of marriage, raising children, the sadness of losing a grandchild, and, of owning my own business.

So, as the end of the year draws near, I can't help but thank the good Lord for my memories and, just as important, of all the wonderful people I've met along the way.

Thanks, folks. See you in the Spring,


DID YOU KNOW. . . that I'm in the cellar doing the "wine thing". Please forgive me for not getting to this month's newsletter. I will. I promise. I hope. But today I'm bottling Riesling. And for those folks who keep track of stuff that happens at the winery -- Jerry's got a new shoulder! He's cranky but functioning. OK, functioning is a little strong but that's a whole other newsletter.

I took a break to tell everyone that our beautiful Cabernet Franc, lovingly called Mike's Mud after grandson Michael, is on sale for $10.34. Stop by for some FREE tastes.

DID YOU KNOW. . . that Sweet Madeleine is back and she's beautiful. She's on sale right now for $9.89. So, if you like your white wine to be just a tad sweet, stop in for a FREE taste and see how lovely Sweet Madeleine really is. We still have a little of the $5.99 sparkling wines left.

Studies have found that moderate drinking of red wine can help prevent the development of certain cancers. At the center of the cancer prevention claim are the effects of resveratrol and other antioxidants, which can ward off damage caused by free radicals at the cellular level.
        A team of Israeli scientists now says that the cancer-fighting effect may occur in the stomach. In a report published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, an Israeli group including pharmaceutical researchers and gastrointestinal specialists at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, report that red wine helps the stomach remove potentially harmful sustances found in red meats that are released during digestion, before the chemicals can harm the body. The damaging compounds, lipid
 hydroperoxides (LOOH) and malonaldehydes (MDA), are also found in fried, processed foods and foods manufactured for long-term storage. According to the study of LOOH and MDA in the body correlates closely with diseases such as atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes and various forms of cancer, particularly colon cancer. The researchers believe a group of antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols are likely the reason behind the results. They repeated the experiment with alcohol-free red wine and achieved similar results.
Wine Observer Magazine

JULY 2015
. . . that, Isabel, our most delicate and dry white is on sale for $9.19. And, yes, we still have a few bottles of our "special" SPECIAL -- sparkling sweet white and rosé wines for $5.99!

OK, so I told you I would have some news on dieting while imbibing on red wine. The article starts on page 18 of Woman's World magazine and is entitled "Red wine is a Fat-burning superfood!" It's quite lengthy but also quite interesting. Apparently a substance in wine called ellagic acid reduces the amount of fat that accumulates in fat cells. H-m-m. Then the University of Georgia found that combining two wine antioxidants -- resveratrol and quercetin triggers fat cells to destrict! Really. . . Also, wine is a sugar blocker! So, antioxidants in wine "inhibit"enzymes in the intestine that allow sugar to be obsorbed. And, finally, wine heats up metabolism! Researchers in a Harvard study believe that when a woman drinks moderately on a regular basis, her body adapts, developing the ability to metabolize alcohol so quickly that she burns off any calories in her drinks and may even burn off some calories from food she eats! 

Now let me get this straight, I've been drinking red wine all my life and probably should lose a few pounds. So, if I stop, will I become a 200 pound couch potato?


JUNE 2015
If you read this newsletter regularly, you probably noticed that I'm quite late pulling it together. I hate giving excuses but it's already the 6th of June and Jerry finally let me out of the "cellar" last night at 7:30pm! Ugh.

Last month, I wrote about tartrate crystals, or put a nicer way, "wine diamonds". I also mentioned how some grapes have higher levels of tartrates and that some experts view these wines in a good light -- a sign of a wine that had not been
overly processed. This past week, it was brought to my attention by a regular customer, that her favorite sweet red wine, Mellow Red, had quite a bit of tartrate crystals. She knows about wine diamonds and just decanted the bottle. So, although this is a natural occurrence, I decided to put this full-bodied sweet red on sale for $9.99. Jerry and I decided that this would be the perfect way to inform our customers of tartrate crystals.

Let us know what you think about "wine diamonds". 



MAY 2015
Well, I thought since our Merlot is on sale right now, it would be the perfect time for me to talk about tartrate crystals. Tartrate crystals are sometimes called "wine diamonds". Yeah, sure, put a nice name on the stuff that hangs around the cork when you open a bottle of wine. O.K., but I want everyone to know that this could be considered a good thing. Here's why. . . If you notice crystalline deposits on the cork upon opening a bottle of wine, or crystals that have settled on the sides or bottom of the bottle, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the wine. In fact, these crystals, or tartrates, are a naturally formed byproduct of the grape that can occur if the wine was stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Now, I've known this for many years; but what I didn't know until just the other day is this. . . that the presence of tartrate crystals is viewed by many winemakers, sommeliers and academics as a sign of QUALITY, indicating that the wine was NOT overprocessed! Ha! And, crystals never impart an unpleasant taste. Ha, again!  So, on that note, stop in and have a FREE taste of our dry and smoky Merlot (or anything else that's on the "taster" list). We'd love to see you.

                                   Maryl (and Jerry, too)

You can go online and check out the article "Understanding Wine Tartrates". 

APRIL 2015

DID YOU KNOW. . . that the winery is now open for our 38th season, and our lovely, dry rosé "Rosebud" is on sale for $9.89? 

OK, so if you checked into this website on April 1st and saw the information about Rosebud being on sale, you probably also saw my note, "I'll be back tomorrow morning to finish". Believe me, it wasn't an April Fool's Day joke that I didn't return until today, the 7th, it was that my ancient laptop finally died! Well, it's my own fault. I knew for months it was acting weird and that it would only be a matter of time before the inevitable would happen. So, Jerry, the ever thoughtful, got me a new HP. It came fully loaded with Microsoft 8.1. Oh, foolish me, I thought all I had to do was plug it in and be off running. Who knew, oh, horrors of horrors! Did no one think to tell an old, technologically illiterate lady that it would take weeks of tutorials, trials and errors; not to mention frustration to master 8.1? Well, it just about put me over the edge. I'm not even a little embarrassed to admit that I GAVE UP! So, here I am today, trying to get through April's website newsletter on, you guessed it - my trusty, old Toshiba! Tosh, don't fail me now!MARCH 2015
This year I'm more excited than usual to get going after this unprecedented and almost historical winter. Normally I would have spent a good amount of time doing the "wine thing" while home but this year even that was unprecented. There was absolutely no way a bottle delivery truck could
have made its way down the winding path to the warehouse with three feet of snow and ice. So, although we may not have every one of our special wines ready, we'll be open and would love to say "Hi, how'd you make it through the winter?" "How about a FREE taste?"

Stop in, we'd love to see you. . .


that leading up to Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays we discontinue our "WINE-OF-THE-MONTH" sale and offer a different sale selection each week so that folks can stock up on their favorites. Right now we have on sale a couple of "semi-dry" wines. Golden Oak, regularly $10.19 and now $9.17, is an old favorite here. It's a delightful blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc that spent just a short time in oak. The result is that it's really smooth with hints of caramel and honey. The other, Riverboat Rose, is very different. It's a vibrant rosato blend of Syrah and Niagara that's just a bit sweet for $9.44. It's usually $10.49. So, if you're a Niagara lover, you have to taste this one.

                                                             Maryl & Jerry

that my beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon is on sale right now for $11.69? Want a taste? Here's a plan to spend a lovely Fall afternoon in the country and have a FREE taste too! Park your car at the winery, stop in for quick directions to some pretty nice hiking trails, and head out. When you return, come on in for your FREE tastes and maybe take a glass or bottle, with some of our "nibbles", out onto the deck where the Fall views are breathtaking.

If you have children it would be adviseable to park at the head of some trails to avoid walking on the roadway. Please know that we don't allow dogs in the winery or on the deck but we do invite you to enjoy the grounds -- spread a blanket and relax -- just take everything home with you that you brought.

DID YOU KNOW. . . that my website was down all this past week or longer?  I only found out myself when I tried to logon to update September's newsletter. I'd like everyone to know that I hesitated writing about this incident but I am still reeling over the power one person can hold over another.

Life is way too short to go into great detail and, needless to say, it's just one more life lesson. (Ugh! I hate these life lessons.) So, here goes. . . I've used the same web/domain provider, a local man,  since the creation of my website -- maybe 12 or 15 years now. Years ago I made arrangements to be billed in December for the entire following year so that I might "pre-schedule payment" while the winery is closed for the winter. I can only guess that his accounting department forgot to send the bill and in the hustle and bustle of closing down, filing all the state and federal year-end reports, etc., I never noticed that it was missing. So, come April, the hustle and bustle of start-up began and it never entered my mind that I owed him less than $30.00. And, it certainly never entered my mind that he would, or could, shut down the website without calling me or Jerry first. Nice, huh?

Anyway, I think the issue has been resolved. Lesson learned.


Oops! I accidentally deleted August.


JULY 2014
that we'll be hosting our first "after hours" corporate meeting at the winery? To start the evening off, a private wine with cheese tasting is scheduled for 6:30 pm. Then, weather permitting, the participants will head out onto the deck for their corporate presentation. Afterwards, the guests are invited to a short repast of fresh fruit and sandwich platters accompanied with, of course, El Paso wines. To end the evening, a mini "sweet" wine tasting served with little pastries is scheduled.

Sounds like a nice way to spend a few hours? If you think your business might be interested, stop by and have a look. I'd be happy to discuss how you and I could make an average corporate meeting a little special.

JUNE 2014
that I've now been in the "cellar" for over a month! Anyway, that's all behind me for a little while and the results are that I've filtered, blended, bottled, and labeled an amazing number of white wines and a lovely sweet rosè named Claudia's Kiss. The "cellar" is ready to go with Chardonnay, Niagara, Riesling, Traminette, and something new -- Sweetwater; a blend of Traminette
and Niagara.I do, want to apologize for missing my deadline to update the newletter last month but, as usual, I think I can do much more than is humanly possible. I also want to apologize for a major no-no in the wine industry. I never ordered the special brown stretch hock bottles that Rieslings are always bottled in when I placed this year's bottle shipment. So, please, understand that the Rieslings are absolutely beautiful and, just think, you'll get to see (probably for the first time) how truly beautiful Rieslings look too!

Anyway, I'd love to see you again and invite you to have a taste, select a bottle or a glass and some "nibbles" and head out onto our deck. If you'd like to bring your own picnic, we do have a few tables on the patio next to the winery. Remember, it's always the best to call and ask if a picnic area is available. We do reserve the deck for those folks that purchase our wine and "nibbles".

MAY 2014
that I've now been in the "cellar" for over a month! Anyway, that's all behind me for a little while and the results are that I've filtered, blended, bottled, and labeled an amazing number of white wines and a lovely sweet rosè named Claudia's Kiss. The "cellar" is ready to go with Chardonnay, Niagara, Riesling, Traminette, and something new -- Sweetwater; a blend of Traminette and Niagara.

I do, want to apologize for missing my deadline to update the newletter last month but, as usual, I think I can do much more than is humanly possible. I also want to apologize for a major no-no in the wine industry. I never ordered the special brown stretch hock bottles that Rieslings are always bottled in when I placed this year's bottle shipment. So, please, understand that the Rieslings are absolutely beautiful and, just think, you'll get to see (probably for the first time) how truly beautiful Rieslings look too!

Anyway, I'd love to see you again and invite you to have a taste, select a bottle or a glass and some "nibbles" and head out onto our deck. If you'd like to bring your own picnic, we do have a few tables on the patio next to the winery. Remember, it's always the best to call and ask if a picnic area is available. We do reserve the deck for those folks that purchase our wine and "nibbles".


APRIL 2014

DID YOU KNOW. . . WE SURVIVED? Yes, we did, and now we're open for the season! Actually, we opened on March 29th, a little earlier than usual. What wasn't usual is that we stayed home this winter.

In years past, Jerry and I would head down to Long Beach Island in New Jersey where we've had a little house for 42 years. It's not because the winters are that much milder there than in New York but, it's just a nice change. Since owning the winery we don't get to spend time there in the summer anymore. Sadly, our little house had to be demolished after "Sandy" -- and that story would bore the pants off anyone. It's enough to say we still don't have pilings placed yet -- local rules, regulations, town codes, surveys, inspections, inspections, and more inspections! So, home we stayed and, of
course, it proved to be the coldest and bitterest winter in decades! Well, such is life. . . Jerry and I have turned that page and moved on to 2014!

We'd love to see you again. So, come on over and share your 2014 winter story, 

                                                                                           Maryl and Jerry 

DO YOU KNOW. . . what "new in the bottle" means? Well, Wine Talk is the perfect place for me to explain.

Black Bear, our medium dry or "off dry" red, is November's selection for Wine-of-the-Month. This special Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend is definitely one of our best sellers, especially for the holidays. I was sure that I had more than enough Black Bear in the cellar to finish out the season; but, I was wrong.

Maybe it's because the weather's been so beautiful, or the winery's been so busy, or possibly, because the Sheep and Wool Festival was outstanding; whatever the reason, I was left without even one bottle! So, this past week I removed the last of my 2012 Cabernet and Merlot and filtered, blended, bottled and labeled Black Bear; hence the phrase, "new in the bottle". What does this mean for folks who have been calling to place their holiday orders? It means that right this minute, November 1st, Black Bear is just a little "unsettled". Remember, the wine has been pushed through filters, pumped into the bottling room, gravity fed into the bottler and finally labeled. The poor thing needs to rest -- so do I!

So, although it might be "new in the bottle" today, it will certainly be "just BEAUTIFUL" for Thanksgiving dinner!

DID YOU KNOW. . . that I forgot to save October's Wine Talk. Oops!

DID YOU KNOW. . . two of our wines won medals at the 2013 New York State Fair again this year! It seems the judges really like "Bella Luna", my Baco Noir/Cabernet blend and awarded it a silver. The bronze medal winner was for my Merlot/dry Riesling blend -- "Owen's Own" named for our beautiful, youngest grandson who died of cancer last year. Actually, I named this blend when he was born five years earlier and really pondered whether we should discontinue it after his death. Now I'm glad we didn't.

I almost forgot the say what's on sale this month. It's my peppery, earthy Cabernet Franc with just enough dry and smoky Merlot to make it really special. I'm already on the 2nd bottling of this favorite and will have to do it once again for the Fall season.

Jerry and I would love for you to stop by for a little taste, maybe some "nibbles" and most times a few "giggles" too.

DID YOU KNOW. . . that the Hudson River Region, one of the nation's most historic wine regions, got some great coverage by Patricia Savoie, Chair of the Wine Media Guild in New York City, when she wrote in the Sommelier Journal a great detailed profile of "America's first wine region.

The charming region, with wineries on both the east and west sides of the magestic Hudson River, got its start in 1677 when French Huguenot immigrants first planted vines for wine production. Benmarl Winery in Marlbro, which became New York's first licensed farm winery after the Farm Winery Act of 1976 was passed, includes the nation's oldest continuously producing vineyard; and Brotherhood Winery, first established as Jacques Brothers Winery in 1839, is the country's oldest continuously operating winery, having stayed open during Prohibition by producing sacamental wines.

As in other regions of New York State, Ice Age glaciers left a legacy of topography and soil composition conducive to grape growing in certain areas. The Hudson River, starting as a tiny stream in the Adirondack Mountains and flowing past Manhattan on its way to the Atlantic Ocean, has a moderating effect on the climate, as do the warm winds from the south.

While still a small grape-growing region with only about 500 acres, the Hudson River Region, New York's first officially recognized American Viticultural Area (1982), now has more than 40 wineries and counting.

A $1.99 charge for the article in its entirety is available at

News from New York Wine & Grape Foundation

JULY 2013
DID YOU KNOW. . . that the winery is located in Ulster Park, New York? You might think you were somehow transported to Seattle, Washington with the Spring and early Summer Mother Nature has handed us. Have you looked out your window and noticed that your yard became Costa Rica over night? Of course, my main concern with any prolonged period of unusual weather is the effect it will have on grapes. There's always an overgrowth of vegetation when this happens which requires the very trained and watchful eye of the vineyard manager. He is constantly on the lookout for mildew and other harmful problems brought on by too much of a good thing, in this case -- rain. If there is a bright side, with a little luck, a couple of prayers and lots of sunshine our grapes will survive this too!

Oh, by the way, our beautiful Pinot Noir is on sale for July. It's only $14.39! I know a lot of folks don't drink red in the Summer but this great light and fruity Pinot would be great at any outdoor party. Come on over and have a taste. . .

Maryl, & Jerry, too!

JUNE 2013
DID YOU KNOW. . . that technologically I am completely clueless. I'm sure, by now, almost everyone that reads my newsletter has been able to figure this out for themselves. So, please allow me right now to thank Matt, my web designer, once again, for all his help or I'd still be drooling on myself -- not pretty.

OK, so here goes, I have two new things I'd like everyone to know. First, the pergola over the deck is finished! Yes, it is, and it's beautiful! I couldn't be happier and what's most remarkable is that my 70 year old Italian carpenter built it! Actually, through the years he has built, rebuilt, salvaged, and restored almost everything at the winery and at my 130 year old house too. There's still a few finishing touches to be done but basically it's ready and waiting for folks to stop by, have a few tastes and, maybe, take a bottle, some of our cheeses or salsas and chips out onto the deck for a little repast.

Secondly, all our sweet wines, both reds and whites, are on sale this month for 10% OFF, including White Riesling as well! Just click over to our wine list for the "WINES-OF-THE-MONTH" prices.

                                                                             Maryl, & Jerry, too!

MAY 2013
DID YOU KNOW. . . that my webpage has been down since May 1st? Only God knows what happened but I'm now updating it from my husband's computer. How dumb am I that it took 8 days for me to try his and "voila," it worked! Actually, I don't want anyone to think I thought of it myself -- it was he that suggested I try using his computer. Anyway, I can now let everyone know what's going on at the winery.

First off, my beautiful dry and smoky Merlot is on sale. It's the "WINE-OF-THE-MONTH" and it's only $10.79! If you're into Merlot and you live around here, stop in for a quick "taste" to see how different 'cold climate' Merlot is. Remember, I'm never insulted if you have a "taste" and it's just not what you're looking for. What is nice is that you came in and said "hi".

Secondly, I resurrected an Italian-style blend called "Bella Luna". I first made this light and fruity red 5 or 6 years ago. Folks really liked it then and they're definitely liking it now but they also like my Chianti. So, just for now it's "Bella Luna" -- $11.99. And "Black Bear", my Cab/Merlot blend is still the best selling red at $11.99.

Finally, I'm excited to say that the lumber for our new pergola is being cut at this writing. This is really important because last summer it was so brutally hot on our new deck that it was almost impossible to enjoy a bottle of wine and cheese outside. So, I'll keep you up to date on the progress and maybe you'll stop by for a "cool" respite on our deck.

APRIL 2013
DID YOU KNOW. . . that we're open? Yes, yes, we are! We're finally open for the season although my wine cellar is almost empty. No, no, that's not because Jerry and I jetted off to some exotic beach as in years' past. No, no, in case you're wondering why I'm so "pasty white" it's because I spent the entire winter in the wine cellar! You see, for years I've put off updating the bottling equipment and now that we have the warehouse that's located under the new deck, I couldn't put it off any longer -- but what an ordeal! I think I should be considered for licensing as a mechanical engineer.

Oh, I almost forgot, as soon as the weather breaks, Ignazio, the carpenter, will be starting a lovely pergola on the deck. So, Jerry and I will surely hope you'll come for a visit -- and a few tastes too.

2013 here we go -- I'm on my way!



DID YOU KNOW. . . that our PINOT NOIR is on SALE for the holiday season? This Pinot is so light and fruity anyone would find it the perfect table wine or pleasing just for sipping. And, if you're into savoring a wine for the nuances, this one has a beautiful although subtle, hint of caramel aftertaste. Also, if you know how tempermental the Pinot Noir grape is, you'll know it's usually more expensive than our other cold climate reds -- how nice that it's only $14.39! Perfect for gift-giving too!


A gentle reminder -- we close for the winter season on New Years' Eve and reopen in early Spring so Jerry and I would love to see you before the year ends and to have a couple of "tastes" with you. Who knows what's ahead in 2013! But, just in case you can't, we'd like to wish you all a "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holiday".


 that I've been in the cellar so long I'm getting moldy! Well, it's that time of year again. And so far I've bottled the two beautiful Rieslings -- my favorite, the quite dry, Riesling; and the lovely sweet, White Riesling. Amazing bouquet on both. The Chardonnay is resting in the cellar right now and is sure to be a winner once again. I've put the previous Chard ON SALE for $9.35 until it's gone. Sauvignon Blanc is resting too. It seems to be quite lemony -- we'll have to wait a little while. Black Bear, which was introduced last season and sold out in a few weeks, is back too. This "off-dry" is going to be great again. A note about the newly blended and bottled, Mellow Red. I know it's going to be as wonderful as last seasons' -- maybe better, but before you take it home, have a taste because I made a slight change to the recipe. And this week I'll be in the cellar once again blending the two Niagaras -- the beautifully aromatic, semi-dry Villa Niagara and the all time sweet favorite Niagara White AND the other all time favorite -- Ruby Red.

I hope I'll see you soon -- when they let me out of the cellar.


 that El Paso wines took two medals at the New York State Fair? I can't believe it because I never entered the wines in competition before. Maybe the judges gave them to me, a "first timer", just to make me feel good. You know how it is today -- there can't be ANY losers. Well, I'd be OK with losing because I'd completely forgotten I sent the wines until the medals came in the mail this past week! By the way, before I forget the most important part of this whole thing -- the dry, smoky Merlot won a BRONZE and the beautiful Syrah/Cab blend, "Dusty Barn", took a SILVER! Pretty cool. Oh, and the Merlot is on sale this month for $10.79 but the Dusty Barn is already gone. Not to worry though, I hope to bottle it again before the holidays.


DID YOU KNOW. . . that the outdoor deck has become quite the place for a quiet repast?  I hoped that would be the case when, a few years ago while planning the deck, I remembered how lovely it was to sit at a little bistro table with Jerry and enjoy a glass of wine on the French side on the island of St. Martin. So, this spring it was great to hear folks say that while driving north or south on 9W they noticed the multi-colored umbrellas and decided to stop in for a minute and wound up staying for "a little taste", then out to the deck with a glass or bottle of wine, some cheese or salsa. So, if you're in the area this fall and the day is magnificent, Jerry and I would like to invite you to come on by and maybe you'll stay -- for just a minute.

We'd love to see you. . . Maryl


DID YOU KNOW. . . well, if you read this newsletter every month, I guess you do know that I'm late once again pulling it together. I already used the weather as an excuse last month, so I'll just get on with what's happening here.

At the winery business has been consistent although slower than usual for this time of year. There's no question that the economy and high gasoline prices have affected tourism to the lower Hudson Valley. Actually, there's hardly no foreign tourism. Maybe folks are enjoying the Olympics instead of NYC. Foreign visitors staying in the city always enjoy taking one day trips and the wineries in the valley are a great way to spend a day; but not this year. There's even been a drastic drop in visitors from other states. You can tell because restaurants that always required reservations are now offering special seating deals. This, of course, can be viewed in a negative light OR if you're looking to be pampered, petted, smoozed, or fauned over, take the plunge and head on over to the the Hudson Valley! I know we'd love to see you again. And, when the weather cools off a little, don't forget that the deck is ready for folks to buy a bottle, grab a couple of glasses, maybe some cheese, snacks and even our own brand of salsas. Soon we hope to carry local cheeses as well. So, come on by, have a FREE taste and say "hello"!

Hope to see you soon. Maryl.

JUNE 2012

DID YOU KNOW. . . that El Paso Winery is going "all aboard" with Hudson River Cruises on their passenger boat, the Rip Van Winkle? It looks like it'll be a fun-packed sunset wine tasting cruise on Saturday, June 16th at 6:00 p.m. -- we'll be selling our finest wines onboard as well! So, if you're thinking about a special night cruising on the Hudson River, call 845-340-4700 and book your reservations for "SAIL, SIP & SNACK". Just in case you didn't figure it out for yourself, there's going to be food too!

Another exciting bit of information is that the deck is finally ready for folks to buy a bottle and just kick back for an hour or so. We've already started carrying some snacks and our own brand of salsas -- soon we'll have specialty cheeses, and other nibbles. So, come on

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+ 2 oranges
+ 1 lemon
+ 1/2 lime
+ 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar
(no sugar if using  sweet wines)
+ 1/2 cup brandy (cheap!)
or your favorite booze
+ 1 liter bottle seltzer or ice  (optional)
+ 2 bottles fine El Paso wine
+ More fresh cut up fruit
      Add friends NOW!

Squeeze first 3 ingredients into small bowl, add sugar. Stir or nuke until dissolved. Stir again.

Add a few ice cubes to cool. Now, throw everything into a large pitcher! That's it! Pretty cool, huh?

(In a hurry? No fresh fruit? Use frozen concentrated juices instead but don't dilute them.)

Try it! You'll love it!
It was voted the "Best Sangria in the Valley" by Hudson Valley Magazine.