DID YOU KNOW. . . (Cont'd.)
some kind of heating mechanic named Phil. All I know is that he came, he looked the situation over, he came back with a new boiler, AND INSTALLED IT THE NEXT DAY! And, he did it all by himself!

Then, it was about a day or so after the boiler install that I was talking to Isabel. I told her I was going over to the winery one more time to check on the temperature -- just to be on the safe side. It was late. I was in my slippers. I threw on an old jacket and walked over. I opened the door and before I could put the lights on, WATER POURED OUT! Totally soaking me and my bare slippered feet. It appeared to be gushing from the loft but how could that be? There aren't water pipes up there. After I gained by senses, I could see that the faucets in the little sink were blown off and iced cold water was shooting up  -- not pouring down. And here I thought I had remembered everything Jerry taught me about how to close down the winery before winter set in so that pipes wouldn't freeze.
Oh, well. . . just one more thing -- my washer/dryer gave up the ghost the other day.

I think I'll take the next bus out of town.

I'm still keeping the faith and trying to giggle along the way. . .

                                                       Hope to see you soon, Maryl




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+ 2 oranges
+ 1 lemon
+ 1/2 lime
+ 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar
(no sugar if using  sweet wines)
+ 1/2 cup brandy (cheap!)
or your favorite booze
+ 1 liter bottle seltzer or ice  (optional)
+ 2 bottles fine El Paso wine
+ More fresh cut up fruit
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Squeeze first 3 ingredients into small bowl, add sugar. Stir or nuke until dissolved. Stir again.

Add a few ice cubes to cool. Now, throw everything into a large pitcher! That's it! Pretty cool, huh?

(In a hurry? No fresh fruit? Use frozen concentrated juices instead but don't dilute them.)

Try it! You'll love it!
It was voted the "Best Sangria in the Valley" by Hudson Valley Magazine.