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DID YOU KNOW (Cont'd.)
This being said, I can only hope and pray that the grape harvest for 2018 hasn't been affected. I'll keep you all appraised.


DID YOU KNOW. . . that in 20 years, or however many I've been writing this newsletter, I don't believe I've ever missed a month. I've been late many times, I've missed the "Recipe of the Month" many times as well, but to miss an entire  month -- certainly not that I can recall. Anyway, I will say that it's a month I don't want to remember.

It all started with equipment failure as noted in my September newsletter. Of course that would happen just when the "crush" was starting which means that any, and all, barreled wine from last harvest had to be promptly removed from the warehouse to make room for 2018's production. Actually, although exhausting, I look forward to this time of year because it's when I seclude myself into the wine cellar where I create new blends and re-bottle all the favorites for the remainder of the year. (Speaking of "new", I just bottled for the first time an "off" dry Cabernet Sauvignon and re-bottled Rosebud, my dry (really dry) rosé.)

And, I'm happy, really happy. You won't believe it but I finally found a handyman! I've been trying for at least six months. I've asked friends and customers. I called some from the ads in our local paper. Believe it or not, I did get one callback and his hourly rate was more than I pay my dentist. Finally I called Home Advisor and set up a date and time. This guy not only didn't show up, he didn't even call.

And then came Wayne. Wayne showed up out of the blue, took my 1st list of projects, showed up the next day and finished ALL of them! (He doesn't know it yet but I already made list #2). I'm happy.

In my next life I'd like to come back as a "handyman lady". Ha.

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+ 2 oranges
+ 1 lemon
+ 1/2 lime
+ 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar
(no sugar if using  sweet wines)
+ 1/2 cup brandy (cheap!)
or your favorite booze
+ 1 liter bottle seltzer or ice  (optional)
+ 2 bottles fine El Paso wine
+ More fresh cut up fruit
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Squeeze first 3 ingredients into small bowl, add sugar. Stir or nuke until dissolved. Stir again.

Add a few ice cubes to cool. Now, throw everything into a large pitcher! That's it! Pretty cool, huh?

(In a hurry? No fresh fruit? Use frozen concentrated juices instead but don't dilute them.)

Try it! You'll love it!
It was voted the "Best Sangria in the Valley" by Hudson Valley Magazine.