SALE! Both CABERNET SAUVIGNONS
                                         (Green and Red Label)

PREMIUM "DRY" WHITE WINES                                    BOTTLE PRICE

RIESLING                                                                                 $17.00
If you've always thought of Rieslings being "sweet",
try mine. It's dry, really dry and quite complex.

CHARDONNAY                                                                         $14.00
Have you every had a "cool" climate Chardonnay?
Now might be the time to try one. It's certainly NOT a
California Chardonnay. See what 3,000 miles will do.

SAUVIGNON BLANC                                                                $14.00
Once again this "cool" climate white will amaze you.
It's so delicate with just the slightest hint of citrus.
The perfect sipping wine on a hot summerer night.

JUST PLAIN WHITE                                                                $12.00
So this grape is called Seyval Blanc. It's quite dry, it's
delicate, it's refreshing. Folks say there's hints of pear.

PREMIUM "DRY" ROSÉ WINE                                      BOTTLE PRICE

ROSEBUD                                                                               $15.00
OK, I've heard it all before. . . rosés are not dry
enough for you. Well, my dry, really dry, and 
complex rosé might surprise you.

PREMIUM "DRY" RED WINES                                      BOTTLE PRICE

PINOT NOIR                                                                           $19.00
Wait until you try this season's Pinot Noir. I think
it's probably the best in a number of years. It's
quite different than in the past -- it's bursting with
"character". When it's on the menu for tasting, I'd
love to hear what you have to say.

BLACK BEAR                                                                         $17.00
It seems everyone knows Black Bear. Folks come
in saying they had it at a friend's house and are noW
here to buy it! Thanks folks for passing the word.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON      ON SALE!      ON SALE!          $15.30
(Green LabelOK, so we've all heard about the classic
BIG and BOLD attributes of Cabernet Sauvignon.
Some folks love it, some don't. All this aside, I'd like
you to taste a "cool" or "cold" climate Cabernet.
Then tell me what you think about the black cherry
or currant overtones this one has.

OWEN'S OWN                                                                        $16.00
When folks want to try this dry red, I've always
said its my secret blend. Actually, it's not a secret
because I tell everyone who asks about it. There
is a little story though so if it's on the daily menu,
ask me. Then try it. You might like it.

MERLOT                                                                               $16.00
I've always felt that Merlot is an acquired taste --
you either love it or you hate it. I'd like you to try
it. Guaranteed you think differently about this
"cool/cold" red.

"SEMI-DRY" WHITE and RED WINES                          BOTTLE PRICE 

GOLDEN OAK (White)                                                          $14.00
This buttery white blend has been around forever
and is still one of my best selling whites. Try it. I'm
pretty sure you'll like it.

RIVERBOAT ROSE (Rosé)                                                      $14.00
This blend is new! Although I drink pretty dry, this
fruity one is perfectly paired with a selection of
assorted cheeses.

VILLA NIAGARA (White)                                                       $12.00
If you love the Niagara grape, wait until you taste
blend. It's an "old" favorite but made a "new"way!
Ask me the secret. . . only a few bottles left for now.

 CABERNET SAUVIGNON    ON SALE!    ON SALE!             $15.30
(Red Label) You asked for a special semi-dry red.
Well, here it is! It's ready an it's just plain perfect (if I
do say so myself). Same black cherry/currant overtones
as the original Green Label.


WHITE RIESLING                                                                    N/A
This surely is a "nectar of the gods"!

HUDSON VALLEY GOLD                                                         $14.00
Same label, but a new recipe. It's base is Riesling now.
Ask me about it, if you're interested. . .

NORA'S FAVORITE (White) (Granddaughter #4)                       N/A
I resurrected this really old "oldie" just in time for
Summer. It's a little bit of this (Riesling) and a little
bit of that (Niagara). Sorry, gone for now.

SWEET MADELEINE (White) (granddaughter #1)                    $13.00
Blended extra this time. Not a drop was left at the
end of the season. She's close to perfect!

CLAUDIA'S KISS (Rosé) (granddaughter #2)                            $14.00
It's Catawba! I made it pink. Ask me how.

NIAGARA WHITE (White)                                                        $12.00
While waiting for this wine, try Villa Niagara. It's my
pretty new Niagara blend. I think you might like it
almost as much. In case you don't know this grape --
it's grapey, grapey, grapey!

 MELLOW RED                                                                        $12.00
It's back! And, it's the original Vincent grape - finally.

RUBY RED (Red)                                                                     $12.00
This is a very old favorite here and it's "classic" NY red.








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