PREMIUM "DRY" WHITE WINES                                    BOTTLE PRICE

RIESLING                                                                                     N/A
If you've always thought of Rieslings being "sweet",
try mine. It's dry, really dry and quite complex.
Hopefully available by Mother's Day.

CHARDONNAY                                                                          $15.00   
Have you every had a "cool" climate Chardonnay?
Now might be the time to try one. It's certainly NOT a
California Chardonnay. See what 3,000 miles can do.

SAUVIGNON BLANC                                                           $15.00
Once again this "cool" climate white will amaze you.
It's so delicate with just the slightest hint of citrus.
The perfect sipping wine on a hot summer night.

JUST PLAIN WHITE                                                            $14.00
Don't confuse this "super" delicte and dry white with
Sauvignon Blanc. The grape is Seyval Blanc and will
surely enhance your most delicate fish dinner and is
the best for a white Sangria!

PREMIUM "DRY" ROSÉ WINE                                       BOTTLE PRICE

ROSEBUD                                                                          $18.00
OK, I've heard it all before. . . rosés are not dry
enough for you. Try mine. It's dry, really dry.

PREMIUM "DRY" RED WINES                                       BOTTLE PRICE

PINOT NOIR                                                                         N/A
Wait until you try this seasons' Pinot Noir. I think
it's probably the best in a number of years. It's
bursting with "character". Tell me what you think.
Available soon.

CABERNET FRANC                                                              N/A
You won't believe this outstand Cab Franc. Folks,
even from Europe, have commented on this being
far better than West Coast Franc. I guess that's a
compliment. Available soon.

BLACK BEAR                                                                    $21.00
It seems everyone knows Black Bear. Folks come
in saying they had it at a friend's house and are now
here to buy it! Thanks folks for passing the word.
Almost gone for now. 

CABERNET SAUVIGNON                                                      N/A
(Green Label) What folks should know before tasting
any "cool" or "cold" climate red, is that it won't be what
you're used to. . . it can never be big or bold. Why? Simply
because the grapes don't hang on the vine as long as in
a warmer temp. So, although it might be a little lighter in
weight, it will be delightfully classic in taste. Taste and see.
Available soon.

OWEN'S OWN                                                                   $19.00
When folks want to try this dry red, I've always
said it's my secret blend. Actually, it's not a secret
because I tell everyone who asks about it. There
is a little story though so if it's on the daily menu,
ask me. Then try it. You might like it.

MIKE'S MUD                                                                       N/A
This blend hasn't been around for years. The primary
grape is called Vincent and I blended it with my dry,
smoky Merlot. It reminds me of that classic Italian
country red my granddad always made.

MERLOT                                                                             N/A
I always felt that Merlot was an acquired taste --
you either loved it or you hated it. I'd like you to try
this one. Guaranteed you'll think differently about
Merlot. Available soon.


NORA'S FAVORITE (White) (Granddaughter #4)                 $17.00
It's been quite awhile since Nora's been around but
for those who remember this white -- she's BACK!

GOLDEN OAK (White) (Grandaughter #4)                           $17.00
This buttery white blend has been around forever
and is still one of my best selling whites. Try it. I'm
pretty sure you'll like it.

RIVERBOAT ROSE   (Rosé)                                                $16.00
This blend is new! Its very fruitiness is perfectly
paired to serve with a selection of assorted cheeses.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON (Off-Dry)                                        N/A
(Red Label) For years folks have asked for a
"special" red -- not sweet but not dry. Well, here
it is! It's just plain perfect. Same black cherry
overtones as the original Green Label.
Available soon.

"SWEET" WHITE, ROSÈ and RED WINES                      BOTTLE PRICE

WHITE RIESLING                                                               $19.00
So you think you like Riesling because it's flowery
and sweet, taste mine -- then, tell me what you think.
I absolutely love feedback.

HUDSON VALLEY GOLD (White)                                           N/A
So very smooth and always a favorite here. Only a
few bottles left till next season.

SWEET MADELEINE (White) (Granddaughter #1)                  N/A
Blended extra this time. Not a drop was left at the
end of the season. She's close to perfect! Sorry, gone
for now.

NIAGARA WHITE (White)                                                    $15.00
Every time someone asks for Muscato, I recommend
that they try the Niagara grape. It's known to be
much like Muscato in that it's grapey, grapey, grapey!
Most leave with a bottle or two.

CLAUDIA'S KISS (Rosé) (Granddaughter #2)                        N/A
It's Catawba! I made it pink. Ask me how.

MELLOW RED                                                                    $16.00

Wait until you taste this very full-bodied sweet red.
It's bursting with character! Imagine making a
classic Sangria using this very special sweet red.

RUBY RED                                                                         $15.00
My Italian grandmother always served this light
and fruity red after dinner.

                                          GO AHEAD. I DARE YOU!









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