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DID YOU KNOW. . .the cellar isn't empty any more! I just finished bottling Chardonnay, Merlot, Black Bear and Golden Oak. On Monday morning I'll finish Sweet Madeleine although I still have a few bottles left upstairs. Sadly, I thought I might be able to do Cabernet Franc before we close for the season but that's not going to happen unless. . . I'll keep everyone informed if there's any changes on the Franc.

DID YOU KNOW. . . that the wine cellar is almost empty? It's true. Check out this month's "Wine List". It's scary but, not to worry. I promise to put myself in the cellar starting this week so that all your favorites will be on the shelf before Christmas. I must say, that in 20 years I don't think the cellar has ever been this bare this close to closing for the season.

Right now the "cellar" thing seems daunting to me. But I can only think it's a REALLY good thing. Jerry and I have commented any number of times about how many folks have come to the winery while staying at "Air B and B's this season or up from the city for the day. We've never seen anything like it. Hopefully folks are feeling a little secure with their jobs or maybe even thinking about changing their job. This is a good thing -- especially if it continues. 

Also, did you know that the winery will be closing for the season on New Year's Eve? It's true and I can't believe it. Maybe it's because we really didn't have a nice Summer. Wait! What am I saying? We didn't have a summer at all! The only thing I remember is rain, rain, rain. Believe it or not, it rained so much, we had to cancel seven Friday nights in a row of our  "Wine, Cheese and a Sunset"! Don't laugh. It's not funny. Jerry and I had to eat all that cheese!!


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