(definitely NOT a California Chardonnay!)

Thursday - Sunday, 1-6pm




                                     NOVEMBER 2021
                  DECK'S STILL OPEN! COME ON OVER!
                           THURSDAY - SUNDAY, 1-6PM

DID YOU KNOW. . . Black Bear is finished and bottled -- just in time for Thanksgiving!

I'm "in the cellar" as usual this time of year. And everyone in the production end is FRAZZLED! Having said that, it actually means we're all cranky. So, besides cleaning out the warehouse for my bottle delivery, ordering labels, corks, filter pads, getting my lab ready, etc., etc., -- I'M ON FIRE! No, that's not the truth; I actually need a nap.

So, please forgive me for being late this month. And if you stop in to the winery for some FREE tastes, I promise not to be cranky.

OK, so I won't promise. Hope to see you soon, Maryl






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 CHARDONNAY NOT a Cal(definitely NOT a California Chardonnay!)ifornia $12.60

(definitely NOT a California Chardonnay!)






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