AUGUST 2022
                               SALE! SAUVIGNON BLANC!  $13.50

YOU DON'T NEED ME TO TELL YOU, BUT. . . have you noticed that everything, I mean everything, continues to be screwed up?

It's summer, and I'm "in the cellar"! I should be somewhere baking in the sun, but NO, I'm "in the cellar"! I've never been down there in the dead of summer but with all the delays and all the excuses, I've resorted to using Plan B. Can you believe that I'm still getting Covid as an excuse for delivery delays? Try using that one if you're late paying a Sales Tax return.

Anyway, I'll stop complaining long enough to say "yes", I'm in the cellar and it's so very cool down here, and "yes", thanks to all my customers who keep buying my wine so that I have to be down here doing the wine thing. Maybe all those excuses are the reason my customers keep buying my wine.

Hey, it just came to me -- maybe Plan B should be called the El Paso Winery's Mental Health Plan! Hmm, something to smile about.

The wine tastings and the giggles are always free.


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Sauvignon Blanc  SALE! $13.50

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